The First 3D and Interlaminar-Reinforced Prepregs & Fabrics

The First 3D and
Interlaminar-Reinforced Prepreg

From Research to Reality.

From Research
to Reality.

Introducing Carbon Supercomp

Durable. Safe. Unique.


Carbon Supercomp Propel Your Ideas Forward

Carbon Supercomposite
Propel Your Ideas Forward

Composites Built for Demanding Applications.

Composites Built for
Demanding Applications.

Composites Built
for Demanding


Join the Boston Materials team at CAMX 2019 in Anaheim where we will be debuting Carbon Supercomp! Setup a one-on-one meeting by emailing us at or simply come by the booth.

Booth:  F95 (Exhibit Hall)

Advanced Composite Materials for Engineers and Manufacturers

A New Class of 3D-Reinforced Carbon Fiber Prepregs and Fabrics

At Boston Materials, we manufacture Carbon Supercomp™ to serve the immediate need for a tougher, safer and more versatile composite material for component manufacturers.

Our company’s founders envisioned that a material-level solution could enable and accelerate the development of next-generation Transportation and Energy technologies. Boston Materials designed Carbon Supercomp™ by leveraging proven textile manufacturing methods and a high-profile research. The result produced an evolutionary material that expands the functionality and usability of traditional carbon fiber applications.

Test Our Supercomp™

Test Our Supercomposites

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Product Spotlight: Supercomp™ 1015

Overcome the Limitations of Traditional Composite Materials

Supercomp™ overcomes many of the shortcomings of traditional 2D composites. Its patented design enhances Z-axis properties to form a 3D prepreg with dense interlaminar reinforcement. This dramatically improves functionality and performance in ways that translate directly to your application.

  • 33% fewer plies*
  • 35% stronger
  • 300% tougher
  • 300% more conductive
  • Simplify layup schedule
  • Deforms before drop in strength or fracture
  • Higher toughness without sacrificing stiffness
  • Match conductivity of pitch composites using PAN fibers

Supercomp™ is also fully compatible with virtually all composite component manufacturing processes, making it simple and cost-effective to integrate. LEARN MORE 〉

*In structures with matching performance.

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